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creativecrypto (73) in film
3 hours 7 minutes ago
SingularDTV Acquires Rights To Soderbergh-Produced Film "Perfect"
SingularDTV describes itself as a “blockchain studio”, and it has acquired the rights to a the movie Perfect, and plans for it to be released in theaters this fall. The sci-fi thriller is executive produced by Hollywood director/screenwriter/producer Steven Soderbergh, widely considered one of the pioneers of the independent cinema movement. It stars Garrett Wareing, Abbie Cornish, and Courtney Eaton, and tackles the theme of genetic engineer
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¡Saludos querida comunidad de habla hispana! Hoy te traigo otro truco divertido para que dejes sorprendido a todos tus amigos. Lo único que necesitaremos para realizar este truco será una botella llena de agua y un lápiz mágico. Así que te invito a seguir disfrutando de este divertido viaje en el que los más pequeños pueden desarrollarse, poco a
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talentclub (64) in talentclub
5 hours 5 minutes ago
Resumen estadístico del club del día 11/11/2018
   El club cuenta con un poder de voto actual de más de 60.000SP, con su propio trail.    El club de talentos cuenta ya con un total de 87 miembros oficiales a día de hoy, distribuidos en 15 rangos de membresía distintos: (Haz clic sobre las imágenes de nuestros miembros para visitar directamente sus perfiles).
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fr3eze (67) in cn
5 hours 23 minutes ago
Malaysia starts issuing Bachelor Degree cert via NEM? Wish I could have my certificates on the blockchain as well
Surprisingly, I was hit by the news that Malaysia’s Education Ministry start to use blockchain technology to a Degree verification system, called the e-Scroll system. This was going a little bit against with my impression that the Gov has always lagged behind the tech and being inefficient. Not sure if the Gov was improving or just I favour everything that has something to do with blockchain. Undoubtedly this is a brilliant way of utilizing the
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zord189 (66) in community
6 hours 38 minutes ago
Steemitbloggers | Tummy Cramps, RICH or POOR (Results)
Tummy Cramps Contest (Results) You know @jaynie and I have always been very serious in judging all the entries throughout these few months. So much so that we've decided to take a step back and laugh for a change. That's where you guys come in because you guys can make us laugh. I mean that in a good way. I've decided to make this week's contest, a joke. I literally am asking you guys to originally cook up something funny so @jaynie and I can la
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nnnarvaez (62) in castellano
7 hours 41 minutes ago
WHALEChefs | Como master chef en Whaleshares! Hola, tengo dias pensando como traer valor a la plataforma, con mi limitado tiempo y recursos. Bueno, se me ocurrio, utilizar mi passion... # ¡ La cocina ! En este post de Reveur lo explico todo.
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reveur (61) in castellano
7 hours 44 minutes ago
WHALEChefs | Como master chef en Whaleshares! Hola, tengo dias pensando como traer valor a la plataforma, con mi limitado tiempo y recursos. Bueno, se me ocurrio, utilizar mi passion... # ¡ La cocina ! Todo el que me conoce sabe de mi mal caracter y que soy muy exigente, como cualquier buen chef deberia ser.
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joythewanderer (72) in steempress
8 hours 18 minutes ago
Closing dinner at Krakow Salt Mine for SteemFest3
@TeamSteem! Have a good trip in Thailand! Yea, these are pictures from the closing dinner, which you probably already come across similar ones from some other Steemians' posts. It was great fun. Dinner at salt mine! Thanks @roelandp and everyone! Love you guys!!! Posted from my blog with SteemPress :
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kaelci (59) in freewritemadness
8 hours 47 minutes ago
An Unfortunate Adventure! #freewritemadness: Day Twelve
It's day twelve of #freewritemadness + #nanowrimo! We're almost at the halfway mark, eek! I'm pleased with my progress so far and I'm fairly confident that I will complete my 50,000 words on time! :) Providing I find things to ramble about, at any rate. There are eighteen days to go, and I know exactly what I want to do on Day Thirty... now it's weaving the remainder of this pl
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bitrocker2020 (70) in curation
10 hours 14 minutes ago
CONGRATS TO THE TOP CURATORS OF THE WEEK CURATOR CURATOR SCORE APPROVAL RATING POST SUBMITTED lordkingpotato 15.39 0.9 21 andywong31 11.24 0.93 14 scrawly 11 1 11 geekgirl 9 1 10 WHY AM I SHOWCASING TOP CURATORS EVERY WEEK ? As part of our efforts to recognize the top curato
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