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terrybrock (69) in steempress
1 hour 22 minutes ago
Charlie Shrem, Blockchain Mobile Phone, Wu Tang Clan and More
Some amazing developments are happening in the field of crypto currencies, blockchain, and more. In this video I share with you where we are with cryptocurrencies now as well as a new mobilephone which is based on blockchain and must be paid for with cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin or Ethereum). I
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tarazkp (73) in horror
1 hour 22 minutes ago
Hand of darkness
He woke with a start. Damn. He evaluated the situation but there was no avoiding it, he had to go. He hated these nights. He slid out of the safety of the warm bed and into the cool darkness until his toes touched the carpet beneath his feet and then lifted himself slowly to his feet. There was no light but he didn't need any here, but out there i would be a different story. The house was old and large, built in the 1920s at the center of what
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creativecrypto (72) in amberdata
2 hours 52 minutes ago
Designing for Data [Interview w/ Tongtong Gong of Amberdata]
The Art of Numbers If you backtrack from the ever-multiplying strands of blockchain use cases, ICOs, and decentralized applications, you find at the root of everything a bundle of questions concerning data. How we set up new forms of data, how we transact it, how we incentivize its creation, and how we leverage and discover it. Whether you’re building a new DApp with a given crypto or interested in incorporating it into your new self-governing
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bahagia-arbi (64) in fundition
3 hours 14 minutes ago
Sebuah Era Baru Crownfunding Awali dengan Fundition
Teman-Teman saya para Steemian Indonesia yang keren, apa kabar? Saya berharap semua Steemian Indonesia tetap sehat dan masih memiliki motivasi tinggi menjadi bagian dari Blockchain Steem. Semangat harus selalu dijaga dan memelihara harapan untuk masa depan yang lebih baik bersama Steemit. Seperti biasa, sebagai salah seorang dari Ambassador @fundition, saya berkewajiban memberikan informasi terkini yang disajikan oleh Fundition dalam postingan t
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Xenoestrogens #5: Cumulative endocrine effects.
Is not a single substance, but the interaction of a wide variety of hormonally active compounds, responsible for the increase in endocrine problems? This post is an english adaption of my recent german post and part of a series on foreign substances that imitate the effect of the female sex hormone estradiol ("xenoestrogens"). I suggest to start with the basics:: Xenoestrogens #1: Natural Estrogens and Estrogen Receptor Signalling Other posts
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travelgirl (70) in steemmonsters
4 hours 49 minutes ago
Explore Some Projects on Fundition with Travelgirl (III)
Hi Steemians, *incorrect first tag - cannot be changed* I’m back for another update on some great projects to look out for on the @Fundition website. In the coming weeks, I will be showcasing some of the projects currently active on Fundition which you can consider supporting. There are many projects weekly on Fundition so if you are not mentioned in my post doesn’t mean they are not great or doesn’t need attention, I will get to them slowly.
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creativecrypto (72) in art
5 hours 2 minutes ago
Dank Rares Podcast: Interview with Elena Zavelev of the New Art Academy
Dank Rares is a podcast that looks into the most influential work and people of the ‘CryptoArt’ world. DR is hosted by Jason Bailey and produced by HyperFreedom Productions, led by Adrienne and Erin Burke-Moran. In Jason Bailey's latest interview, he sits down with Elena Zavelev, founder of the New Art Academy and the upcoming ArtTech + Blockchain Connect conference in NYC. They discuss all the ways in which the academy is integrating emer
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pojan (62) in steempress
5 hours 24 minutes ago
[SP117] - dreams and confusion of conquering nature
[image source]( In today's sophisticated life, maybe we are one of the hasty humans. Starting from waking up, eating breakfast, until it rushed to go to their respective activities. Confused for a few moments, to the point of throwing away the remaining hours. Staring at the screen until you face a computer, doing a presentatio
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twotoedsloth (63) in fundition-ma2r0xq6b
5 hours 47 minutes ago
Insights from Thesis Readings Vol. 2
This is a series that I am starting in order to organize the implications and summaries that I am beginning to obtain from my thesis articles, books, films, and videos. Condensing into these blog posts helps me organize my thoughts and connects these ideas like puzzle pieces so I can advance my narrative about my thesis proposal. What I read or watched this time… “Modernity at Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization” by Arjun Appadurai
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nanosesame (66) in art
5 hours 57 minutes ago
Draw on Blockchain : (inktober) The old building ship
Get better today, but still feel like the cold will come back if there is any allegy sources or heavy perfume on train. These will trigger my nose and non stop sneeze starts. This is a ship with a common local old building. We call it "Tong Lao". They can be found in many places. Both resident area or mixed with business area. One of the symble of Hong Kong. (Also with the commercial boards hanging on wall too) 今天好多了,不過只要有致敏原或者在車箱有濃烈香水味等等,就
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